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Code of Conduct


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In this Code of Conduct, we set out our values and ethical principles that guide our decisions and actions towards our business partners, investors, the general public, and the environment.

All executives, persons employed by DF Deutsche Fiskal GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “DF”), and those who act in the name of and as representatives of DF, are therefore bound by the minimum standards established by this Code of Conduct and the sets of rules based on it.

The following provisions are intended to create the best possible conditions for a business and working environment characterized by integrity, respect, and fair conduct, while complying with ethical and legal standards. In doing so, we are committed to international agreements on the protection of human rights, anticorruption, free competition, and sustainability.


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The German version of this Code of Conduct is the legally relevant version. Any translations into other languages are only intended to communicate the provisions and principles originally formulated in the German language.


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